How to Maintain a Trouble Free Heating and AC System

Here are a few maintenance tips for a trouble-free HVAC system:

– Replace your air filter on a regular basis. You’ll want to clean and replace your filter, at least, every 3 months. In order to determine how frequently your air filter needs to be changed, check the filter every month. Replacing a dirty air filter can make your HVAC system more efficient (check out more tips at, reduce heating and cooling costs and reduce wear and tear on the unit.

– Maintain the outdoor condenser unit. The condenser unit is the big metal box outside your home. This area around the unit must be clear for proper airflow. Clear away any plants, trash, weeds or leaves that might build up around the unit. Remove dirt and debris that accumulate on the unit with a soft broom. Hose … continue reading

Air Quality & Heating Tips That Help You Save Money


. Make use of the sun on a sunny day to maintain the required heat in your home. This is one of the best heating tips on a sunny day as pointed by Tilt the blinds toward the ceiling and close them at sundown.

. A fireplace can waste energy in the house by pulling warm air out of your home through the chimney. The damper should be closed when the fireplace is not in use. Installing glass doors will help maintain the heat in your home when the fireplace is not used.

. Make sure to set the ceiling fan on low, to reverse position. When heat enters the house through the windows tilted upward, the ceiling fan will help circulate this air throughout the room.

. Exhaust fans may cause negative pressure in your house. … continue reading

What to Shop for When Doing a Water Heater Replacement

You go down into your basement in the morning to get something and you are a little groggy and half asleep; all of the sudden you are jolted awake as you step in cold water that is almost ankle deep. You come to realize that your water heater tank has burst and flooded the basement.

Does your water tank need repair? Read what the professionals at have to say about water heaters.

You will have a lot of cleaning up to do not to mention replacing the water heater. When you go to do your water heater replacement, don’t just get any water heater you come across, get one that meets the criteria below.

Something to Consider

Before you start looking for a new conventional style water heater you may want to consider something. If you heat your home … continue reading

How to Unclog Your Toilet using Toilet Drain Cleaner and Other Methods

Professional plumbers will tell you that there are few things worse than losing the use of your toilet but it can and does happen. They take a lot of abuse as they perform their job. Kids put toys down them, guests flush down sanitary napkins and others put things down the drain that just do not belong in there. When that happens it is inevitable that the drain will slow down or get clogged up. Here are some tips from Plumbers Edmonton experts on how to use a toilet drain cleaner to get out a clog or use other methods to free your clogged drain line.

Routine maintenance

Hot Water and Wet/Dry Vac on Exhaust

One way to ensure that your all-important toilet drains stay clear is to do some routine maintenance on them about once every month or two. … continue reading

The Qualities That Excellent Emergency Plumbers Possess

Here are the qualities that all excellent emergency plumbers display.

There are few things that you rely on more in your house than all the plumbing that runs throughout it. It touches virtually every aspect of your home life such as cleaning, bathing, cooking and washing. It is a pretty scary thought to ever think you would be without it. Unfortunately, your household plumbing does not have a timer on it that only allows it to malfunction between 8 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. That means if you have a problem after that which requires immediate attention you will have to use the services of an emergency plumber (see Not just any plumber can be good at doing emergency work; it takes a special set of characteristics. Here are the qualities that all excellent emergency … continue reading